Vancancy announcement
Date: 19/01/2017

Petroleum Equipment Assembly & Metal Structure Joint Stock Company (PVC-MS) is recruiting 60 engineers specialized in petrochemical technology, off shore construction, informational mechanic, electricity, auto electricity; HVAC...

1 -    Job description

Receiving and processing information design documents, drawings, calculations, specifications, process of management from investors, make documents of designing management for construction, calculations and drawing fabrication drawings (shop drawing; spool drawing, cutting plan; welding map and coordinate to make bidding documentation of materials and equipment; evaluating of technical options for the main items such as technology, structure, equipments; mechanic, piping, electric and automation, project management, supervision of construction works (such as anti-corrosive paint supervision, construction supervision, fabrication, welding supervisor, ...)

2 -     Recruitment criteria

+ Sex: Male

+ Age: 25 to 45

+ Education: University degree of the relevant sectors (as above) in formal systems, (priority for theexperienced in petroleum construction, metal structure, design, construction port).

+ Proficiency in information technology and office software applications such as design, drawings by AutoCAD, Photoshop, SAP 2000/SACS, SASEM...

+ Can read English drawings, SPECT, procedure, drawing...

+ Languages: Proficiency in English (listening, speaking, reading, writing and editing text).

+ At least 3 years experience (or more) in professional work.

+ Able to work independently or in groups with high-intensity work.

3 -     Salary

-  Depending on the position, the company will pay suitable wage.

-  Place of work: At Vungtau city or at the place of projects.

4 -     Place of receipt

-  Personnel Department, PVC-MS, No. 35G, 30/4 Street, Ward 9, Vungtau City

- Profile includes: Application form; curriculum vitae certified by the local government where the candidate resides; health certificate; the diplomas and relevant certificates; photo 3 x 4

- Time of receipt: from 06/13/2011 to 30/06/2011

- Contact Tel: 064 3848405

5 – Way of recruitment

     Recruitment Council / experts of the Company will directly interview candidates and score on demand of recruitment.

6 -    Results announcement

The company will report results to recruits by phone or via the website:

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