Successful load-out of Thang Long Jacket
Posted date:19/01/2017

On March 23, 2013, at VSP port, the contractor – PVC-MS (PXS code – Hose) and VSP had successfully performed the lout-out of Thang Long platform’s Jacket.

The platform is invested by Lam Son Joint Operating Company, VSP is the general contractor, and PVC-MS is the fabrication contractor. Thang Long Platform’s jacket has a weight of 3.200 tons, includes a jacket, a boat landing and several piles.

Thang Long Platform’s jacket is scheduled to sail-away for offshore installation on April 3rd, 2013.


Thang Long platform’s jacket is a part of Thang Long – Dong Do field development project in block 01 / 97 and 02/97 - the Cuu Long basin of the continental shelf of Vietnam.

These platforms are the oil and gas exploration projects performing at the fields with the water depth from 60 - 70m with the very tight construction schedule.

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