Signing Contract & Firstcut Ceremony
Posted date:19/01/2017

On 15th March, 2013, PVC-MS (PXS Code–Hose) and Petronas Carigali Vietnam Limited (PCVL) have held the signing contract & first-cut ceremony of Diamond project.


Diamond project is the wellhead platform of Diamond field in Block 1 and 2, invested by Petronas Carigali Vietnam Limited (PCVL). PVC-MS is the general contractor.

This project has a total value of more than USD57 million, includes a jacket with 2.350 tons and topside of 2000 tons.


As scheduled, PVC -MS will complete fabricating the jacket on 10th August 2013 and topside on 23rd February 2014 to make sure that Diamond platform will receive the fist oil flow on 19th May 2014.

This is the second EPCC bidding packet of PVC-MS, after the success of the first project: topside WHP-H4 Te Giac Trang (more than USD 44 million), which PVC-MS also took the role of general contractor. 

This is a key project of the Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group (PVN).  Diamond Wellhead Platform plays a significant role in the plan of PVN, which assures the petroleum production increase for the country.

The project opened for business and production activities in 2013 of PVC-MS. The performance time of the contract is expected 12 months and has value equivalent with one year’s revenue plan of PVC-MS.


As soon as the investor decided to award the contract, PVC-MS urgently prepared for the project.

“PVC-MS are very confident with our experienced staffs, skilled workers, and modern facilities.  I would like to commit Diamond project will be done with the highest quality, absolutely safety, and in progress.” Mr. Nguyen Dinh The, Director of PVC-MS said in the ceremony.

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